We believe that all bodies can enjoy yoga. We remember what it was to begin as a new student in an unfamiliar place surrounded by strangers. We also remember when the practice began to feel natural, the space began to feel like home, and those strangers become some of our most treasured friends. We are blessed to walk that same journey with you and help you along the way!

New to Practicing Yoga? We have a few Questions & Answers for you.

1p Hatha Yoga w/Pam

A yoga practice that shapes the breath with the fluidity of the postures, creating a union of body, mind and soul. A slow process that deepens all practices and all levels. The practice will build strength and balance while nourishing the entire body and mind experience.

9a Chair Yoga w/Becky

In chair yoga we explore breath, balance and movement slowly and mindfully. Using all of our muscle groups. Class ends with a simple guided meditation. Suitable for anyone who can’t go from floor to standing with ease.


10:30a Gentle Yoga w/Becky

This class was designed with seniors in mind but is suitable for anyone. Therapeutic in nature you will find longer warm-ups and a slower pace, with some predictability. We modify, adapt and make it our own! Class ends with guided meditation, probably some poetry or musings.

6:30AM Slow Strength w/Emily

Harness both the mindfulness and power within the breath as you make personalized modifications in order to experience the full benefit of each pose and transition in this slow flowing, strength building morning yoga class.

5:30p Just Breathe w/Jennifer

Just Breathe is yoga for everyone who wants to try it, wants to get back to it, is nervous about “doing it right”. There is no right or wrong in this class, just moving and breathing. In this class we will explore yoga through slow, mindful movements. There is no right or wrong, just moving and breathing.

6p Prajja Yoga w/Katie

Promote stress relief through breathwork and gentle movement. This class is ideal for reducing stress and finding physical relief from chronic pain or illness.

Watch for Pop Up Classes

Prajja teachers and guest teachers will occasionally offer special classes on Fridays. Watch our Instagram and Facebook pages for announcements! Don’t want to risk missing it? Sign up for our newsletter below and get the news delivered to you once a month along with a recipe, wellness article, and seasonal tips.

9a Slow Flow w/Trishia

This class is based in the Ayurvedic path of finding balance within our bodies, minds, and spirits. Through slow movement and breathwork, we will create space in the body as we calm the mind.

All classes are open to the public.

You can drop in and pay as you go with cash/check, or you can purchase passes in advance by clicking below.