It is lovely to meet you

(a note from your teachers)

We have lived a hundred lives. Like you, we’ve birthed children, buried loved ones, loved ourselves, lived in the bliss of childhood ignorance, been crushed, inspired others, been married, brilliantly single, hopelessly optimistic. We’ve healed ourselves in some ways, and uncovered other ways in which we still need healing.

We are the teachers of your community based yoga and healing space. We welcome you.

Trishia Gill

Experienced Teacher, Ayurvedic Guide

I found yoga when looking for answers to debilitating anxiety and depression. In the practice I found more than healing, I found my calling. A graduate of Lotus House of Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training program, I am now embarking on my 500 hour studies to go in depth on the role a yoga practice has on pain management.

I am the mother of six, grandmother of one (soon to be two!), and teacher of many. I love yarn, my garden, and a quiet night with a good book. A nurse by profession, a yoga teacher by passion, I lead my classes with a focus on healing the body and spirit as we align with the cycles of nature.

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Pam Muniz

Yoga Teacher

Small town girl with a curiosity to taste and experience it all. Connecting and supporting is my nature to a fault. Self love, mindfulness and exploration is my new jam in this season of my life. My intention is to be a yoga practitioner first, an instructor second and above all else in this spectrum, practice and share the true lineage of yoga and it’s philosophy. Studying and practicing with Yogarupa Rod Stryker is my passion and continuous desire. Vulnerably, courageously and always with compassion, out of the mind and into the heart.

Emily Larson

Teacher, Massage Therapist

I am a yoga instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist in Iowa with a background in Thai massage and cupping. I am also studying Kinesiology and Human Performance at Briar Cliff University. Using this variant but interconnected background, I develop specific and pain centered bodywork to my clients. With a strong background in anatomy, I encourage my students to harness both the mindfulness and physiology within the breath and make key modifications in order to experience the full benefit of each pose and transition.

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Katie Heath

Teacher, Autoimmune Guide

During the day I enjoy working as a pediatric nurse. In my free time I like to read books, garden, cook, learn about Crohn’s Disease and naturopathic ways to ease symptoms caused by autoimmune diseases, watch murder mysteries, cuddle my dog and cat, I also enjoy embroidery, crocheting, and most arts and crafts.

Karla Grigg


I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training in November of 2016 and have been practicing yoga for about 6 years. I was inspired by my yoga teachers to take the leap into the role of teacher. As a yoga teacher, I wish to provide my students the tools to calm the mind and body in your everyday lives. I wants you to give yourself permission to be fully present during your yoga class and hope that you leave my classes feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and validated.

Becky Pigott

Gentle Teacher

A little about me… I love gardening of all kinds. I have an entire cupboard full of teas. I have way too many jigsaw puzzles and I crochet. I’m married to Jon and we have an old dog named Pip that owns us! I am a 200 hour plus Certified Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance as an RYT200. I teach currently in Holstein at Untie the Knot and at my home studio. I have taught at both Evolve and {be} yoga studios. I am an ongoing yoga student as well! I am looking forward to meeting you! With much gratitude, namaste!

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Jennifer Rosenbaum


I started yoga three years ago when I was invited to a class completely out of the blue.  I had always wanted to try yoga, but like a lot of people I talk to, I didn’t know where to start.  All it took was that one class and I was hooked. At times I was taking four classes a week, sometimes two in one night, back to back.  I started to get curious.  I felt so good after yoga, and I wanted to know why.  I was really excited to take the next step and start yoga teacher training.  Once yoga came into my life, there was no looking back.

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Erin Stabile

Spiritual Life Coach, Akashic Guide, Reiki Master Teacher

My mission is to help people awaken to their true potential. Helping people realize how healing, spirituality, taking control and changing your mindset can restructure your life in powerful ways.

Through my spiritual work I have been able to virtually eliminate my anxiety and depression, assist in my physical healing, embrace meditation, understand and utilize my spiritual gifts and completely shift my mindset and outlook on life. I absolutely love being able to help others on their paths with a custom approach to what they need.

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Susan Erickson

Life Coach
sioux city life coach susan erickson

I have worked with many different styles, personalities, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds, always providing a safe space for the individual to cultivate their path and accomplish their goals.  I support you in respecting your own beliefs and incorporating them in everything you do.  I help you tune into your own inner voice.  This will not only get you the outcome you desire, it will allow you to sustain that outcome.  

The calling that provides me the most ability to impact others, and the most personal reward, is that of wife, mother and grandmother.  I have learned to be caring and stern at the same time.  I have learned to get what I need without trampling the feelings of others.  Most importantly I have learned that you can be kind and extend grace without giving in.   I bring these qualities to coaching, which provides me the ability to extend to you, this capacity for action with graciousness, a rare combination.

All of these experiences and values allow me to be the coach that will help you create progress with gentleness and grace, moving you forward with perseverance and integrity.  It is my mission to guide you in discerning your purpose and calling.  This is what will guide you back to your authentic self.

Casey Johnson

Registered Dietitian

My favorite thing growing up was going to the grocery store with my mom – it’s no wonder I felt called to become a Registered Dietitian. Now I get to help people with various medical conditions find the foods that work best for them. I never put people on diets, and I like to keep nutrition simple. and intuitive. My favorite thing lately has been seeing how nutrition can bridge the gap between mental and physical health. I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you and help you view food in a new way!

Casey will be joining us for workshops on healthy eating in a realistic way, body image, and more. You can follow her on Instagram.